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Methods to Use Promo Links And Coupon Codes


Do you want to use online coupon codes or promo links when shopping online? This is similar to using paper coupons or shopping the sales at local stores. Online stores have a code to enter during checkout unlike paper coupons that you hand to a cashier to redeem and these coupons relates to a specific discount and that amount is subtracted from the total purchase. The discounts range from dollar-off savings to free shipping.

How do shoppers find online coupon codes?

When coupon codes first began circulating, they were not often found on the retailer’s website. Instead, coupon codes appeared on related shopping sites in order to lead shoppers to the retailer’s online store. Today, many retailers continue to have coupons on related websites, but also offer one or more coupon codes on their store’s websites or through weekly emails that are sent out to their customers.

The best way to locate a coupon code is by using your favorite search engine such as Google and typing in “Coupon Code”. This will generate a list of websites that offer coupon codes. Shoppers can then visit the websites and compare the coupon savings that is available.

Sometimes shoppers can find coupon codes for specific stores after they have selected what they want to purchase. This can be done by putting the retailer’s name and coupon code into the search engine.

For example, if a shopper knew they wanted to purchase a dress from Macy’s, they could find the available coupon codes for Macy’s by entering “Macy’s Coupon Codes”. A list of websites would then be generated and they would then visit the websites in search for a Macy’s coupon that they could use on the dress.

What are “linked” coupons and how do you redeem them?
A linked coupon does not have an actual coupon code to activate the promotion, but instead a special link. When you click the link, it will take you to the online store and you will get the discount automatically when you check out.

How do I redeem a coupon code?

Depending on the online store, there are a few different places to enter coupon codes. In some cases, the coupon can be entered in the shopping cart, before checking out. Other times, the coupon is entered on the order review page prior to checking out. Look around carefully for the coupon code (also called promo codes) “submit” area before completing a purchase from an online store.

What if I don’t see any place to put the code?

Check and see if the website has a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section for an answer to the question. Often times you can find it on the “Customer Service” section of a website. If you do not see it anywhere on the site, call and ask the customer service representative to explain to your how to use coupon codes on the website.

How do I know if a  coupon code is working?

Usually, the merchant will have a page showing how much you are being charged for the merchandise, how much is being discounted because you submitted a coupon code and any shipping fees that may be applied.

This should show on an order page before you submit your approval of the charges. If you enter the coupon code and do not see the discount on the order review page, try contacting customer service before completing the transaction.

How do I know if a “linked promotion” is working?

Generally, a linked promotion will take you directly to the product that is being promoted at a special price or the page that advertises the discount. If it does not then look for it on your order page before you accept the transaction as a desired purchase.

What if the coupon code is not working?

Many times online stores will omit an expiration date for a coupon code so that it can be closely monitored and changed or discontinued quickly.  Online stores may alter or discontinue any promotion at any time. If a coupon does not work, it is best to look for another code.

Can I use online coupons in my local stores?

Local stores are not obligated to honor online deals unless the promotion specifically states otherwise. If you print out the offer and bring it to the store, some stores will honor it as a courtesy to you. It all depends on the deal and which store it is, but it never hurts to ask.

Can I double up on coupon deals by using more than one at a time?

Most coupon codes specify that only one promotion can be used per transaction or per item purchased. You can get even more savings by looking for a rebate on the item that you purchased with a coupon code. Rebates are fairly plentiful on electronic devices, computers, software and home improvement items. If you cannot find one online, contact the retailer customer service department and find out if one is available for the item you wish to purchase.

Going Beyond Online Coupon Websites

While it is important to find your favorite websites that specialize in online coupons for shopping online, you can also go to popular rebate websites that not only offer coupon codes but will also give additional rebates if you make a purchase.

For example, eBate.com is a shopping portal that offers its members online coupons and cash back from purchases made at over 2,000 online stores. There are no forms to fill out or fees for shoppers to use the service. When a shopper makes a purchase through an eBates link, eBates receives a commission from the retailer and gives part of that commission back to the shopper. The amount saved can really add up especially for shoppers who make a lot of online purchases.

Where Can I Get Coupon Codes for Anything


Coupon codes are a combination of numbers and letters that you should use while online shopping. Everyone tries best to save money—and coupon codes are one great way to keep your wallet full. Once you’ve entered your coupon code, you are awarded a discounted shipping cost, retail price, or both. In addition, coupon codes are identical to typical paper coupons—but you don’t have to spend time clipping and carrying coupons around with you.

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Following these tips to get coupon codes and save tons of money during online shopping:

• First, decide what you need to buy and where (online) you can buy that particular product or products.

• Visit as many coupon sites as you can and search for a coupon code pertaining to that particular product or vendor. Here are some coupon sites to get you started:
Retail Me Not
Coupon Cabin
Current Codes
Coupon Heaven
Coupon Shack
Key Code

• Visit your favorite online retailers that you shop with the most often and register on their sites. Oftentimes, online retailers will send registered members promotional emails with coupon codes. And many times, you’ll be rewarded with a coupon code just for registering on the site.

• Visit your credit card websites. Many credit card companies have relationships with online retailers and will provide you with coupon codes on their behalf.

• Check with your insurance providers. Many of them have whole sections on their websites devoted to coupon codes especially for their customers.

• Do a Google search for the particular item or items you need to buy—you may be surprised at the coupon codes that surface because of your search.

• Call the retailer. If you have a hard time finding an online coupon code for a particular retailer or for a particular product, give the company a call. The customer service representative can help to guide you in the right direction and let you know if there is a coupon code you can use.

By following these tips and tricks, you’re sure to find the coupon code you need—if it exists! Always search for a coupon code prior to making an online purchase. Coupon codes are very common, and they’re just one more way that you can save money and keep your money where it belongs—in your wallet!

Top 5 Couponing Myths Debunked


Online shopping is an addiction and people enthusiastic about it are live on shopping portals 24X7. But most of them are now mostly making the deal sites like Couponhaat popular by downloading numerous coupons and applying them while they do shopping. But the matter of fact is that still enormous buyers are skeptical about the relevance of deal sites and their facilities. The fact is that everyone here loves to save money and avail discounts, but in spite of knowing about the avenues people still hesitate to use the coupons for shopping.

coupon codes

The article discusses about 5 myths related to buying coupons.

Couponers Are Hoarders

Many couponers overstock the coupons and vigorously go overboard. But most of the couponers spend the coupons then and there; at least they know where to spend the stuff. Generally, it’s smart that you buy stuffs in bulk and apply the coupon code and get great deal of discounts. It’s a great way to save money when the prices are high in the market. Many couponers accumulate coupons for free articles and utilize them for charity.

Coupons Degrade Your Lifestyle; It Is Meant for Poor People

In spite of degrading, it enhances your lifestyle. Saving on daily basis fixed requirements like domestic accessories is always ideal. However, you can apply a coupon for having weekend dinner at a high profile restaurant and save money on your weekend holiday expenses. If you place a Dominos online order also, you can use these coupons.

Coupons Do Not Save Us Enough Money

You generally get upset when you do not get substantial savings on a particular purchase, but the smart way is to apply coupon on buying stuffs during sale season. During sale season, coupons can give unbelievable discounts; the savings will prominently reflect and it will excite you amazingly as you get additional discount by applying the coupon codes.

Coupons Only Save On Junk Foods

Yes, they do give lucrative discounts on junk foods, but the junk food is not only the last stop. You may use them as coupons of Sodexo and discount coupons for restaurant lunch and dinner vouchers. This way, you can have nice healthy family meal at a quality place. Moreover, ample amount of coupons are available on deal sites that can give you unbelievable savings on groceries, veggies and other food items.

Coupons Only Apply for Non-Branded Products

If you keenly search on the net, you will see that coupons are available for all the latest brands. There are chances that your usual shopping destination may not have the brand, but to get certain discount and save some money, you need to spend some time.

These are 5 myths now popular, which have to be debunked to be a smart shopper.